Powerful executive retreats accelerate the development of a team strategy that clarifies vision, leverages strengths and aligns the organization with its priorities. Michael will guide your team through the process of managing organizational change to enable the team to be faster, more flexible, achieve focus on high leverage activities and execute flawlessly.

Michael has worked to organize and empower senior teams to formulate strategy, identify key performance gaps, and design action plans to support needed change.

Follow-up sessions provide participants the opportunity to learn from their experience in implementing organizational change. Through this review of progress, deeper insight into the organization's problems and one's own approach to problem-solving will be developed. Participants identify improvement realized, uncover blockages and impediments and develop strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Over the last two decades, Michael G. Winston has helped a broad array of organizations and work teams- from technology start-ups to financial services giants, from newly created, fast-track project teams to well-established departments. Testimonials from a wide range of organizations document unparalleled opportunities for executives and teams to:

  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Rekindle creative energy
  • Improve collaboration
  • Solve seemingly "intractable organizational problems"
  • Spark new ideas and innovations
  • Create new tools, strategies and processes for solving problems
  • Renew commitment

The objective is clear…to address specific company challenges, produce sustained changes and generate bottom-line results.

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