"Mr. Winston delivers one of the best messages on the urgency of developing a competitive response to change I have ever heard."

Founder and CEO, High Tech Company

"On behalf of the Association, I want to express a special thank you for your presentation at our annual conference last month. The conference was a resounding success, due in large part, to your presentation on Leadership."

Conference Chairperson, Industry Association

"Mr. Winston’s presentation was excellent in every way. The presentation, its organization, the delivery and the immediate feedback (through the interactive exercise) were all outstanding."

President, Consumer Goods Company

"Michael’s presentation on Managing in the Global Economy was excellent. It was the highlight of the program."

CFO, Fortune 50 Financial Services Company

"The audience response to Michael’s June, 2004 presentation, "HR…In the Eye of the Storm" was unanimously positive. We came away with a new perspective on the evolution of business and the future role of the Human Resource organization. Michael challenged our thinking and demystified the role of HR at the table. Thanks again. Our time was very well spent."

Senior Vice President, Financial Services Company

"Mr. Winston has thus far, made two keynote presentations to our audiences…one in Venice, and one in Monte Carlo. He provides a useful visionary and practical guide through the key issues on corporate renewal and personal and organizational leadership. Using clear analogies and an entertaining style, Dr. Winston was able to get a broad enthusiastic response from an extremely international audience consisting of CEO’s, General Managers and Human Resource Directors."

Conference Director,
International Management Forum

"On behalf of all the participants at our Worldwide Conference, I would like to thank you for your keynote speech. Your presentation on mastering change in a continuously evolving environment was very informative and your open, inviting presentation style captured strong audience participation.

Your contribution also enriched our conference workshops which launched task force efforts dedicated to increasing empowerment in our organization. The many ideas and new perspectives you helped to highlight will be a valuable resource for the task forces over the coming months as we continue to study and implement programs of responsible growth."

Corporate Vice President,
Strategic Planning and Human Resources
Fortune 50 Electronics Firm

"I thought I would send a quick email and give you an update on the year since the retreat. We actually did put in place the majority of ideas/decisions that were generated at the retreat. We have stuck to the 5 focus areas decided upon at the meeting. We also restructured the office as we had discussed. We are now operating quite well. So as you can see, the retreat was a great success!!! Thanks so much!!!"

Executive Director,
Family Philanthropic Foundation

"Thank you for your most interesting presentation. I REALLY ENJOYED your presentation. You gave me much to think about."

Vice President, Marketing
European Shipping Conglomerate

"I would like to personally thank you for your lecture. Your contribution will remain with me for a long time. It is not only the action or the words which appealed to me, but especially the feeling and inspiration you sent along with your lecture."

Executive Vice President
Global Heavy Industrial

"On behalf of our Forum, I want to thank you for your energizing keynote speech. We heard many excellent comments about your presentation!"

Conference Organizer and Senior Vice President,
Fortune 50 Telecommunications

"For a number of years, Michael G. Winston has been speaking to our management teams about the management of change. His lively and arresting way of presenting is extremely effective over the long-term. He is able to treat very complex subjects in an easy and comprehensible manner, using up-to-date theoretical observations and converting them into practical points of contact. Michael is more than just another presenter; he puts his practical experience across in a unique way."

Vice President of Human Resources,
Netherlands–based Information Services Corp.

"Thanks again for your great speech at the HR conference. It was terrific."

Human Resource Manager,
German Management Consulting Firm

"Congratulations on an outstanding job. The session was first class. The favorable comments continue to roll in."

Senior Vice President, Technology,
Fortune 50 Telecommunications Firm

"I really enjoyed your presentation at our recent conference. You are a terrific speaker! Thanks for making the Conference such a success."

Manager, Program Development
Productivity Center

"The level of expertise and professionalism he brought to the program was immeasurable. Michael’s depth of knowledge, experience, ability and energy level allowed him to generate contagious enthusiasm and spark a renewed sense of purpose and interest throughout the company. Michael has made believers out of skeptics as we now have a definitive strategy to steer us through our complex environment."

Vice President-General Manager
Aerospace Company

"I’d like to thank you for your excellent presentation to us recently. I already have visions of a lot of inching along to success. My very best to you!"

Director of Publications
Major Publishing Company

"Thank you for your excellent presentation. The subject matter was relevant, your presentation and teaching style were excellent and you succeeded in engaging group participation. You are an excellent speaker and performer. The audience’s reaction was terrific."

Program Director,
Management Studies Center in The Netherlands

"Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation in the fourth annual conference. The audience response was terrific. Your comments were right on point and your presentation style was dynamic, powerful, and humorous. Thanks again."

Vice President of Operations
Insurance Company

"Your talk was the highlight of our meeting. You were exciting, entertaining, and challenging... one of the finest messages that we have heard in many years. Many of our people mentioned that they returned to work charged up and ready to demonstrate an increased commitment to leadership and excellence."

Vice President of Human Resources,
Belgian Diversified Products Company

"Your program helped pull senior management together to build a cohesive team, a team that will lead this organization through a successful change process. You have helped us to see things in a new light. The entire process was intense, emotionally exciting, brilliantly presented, and people interaction-driven."

Vice President of Human Resources
Electronics Company

"I was delighted at the quality of your presentation at our sixth annual conference of the Productivity Center of the Southwest. Your presentation inspired and ignited our audience. You showed us how to be champions in 'mastering change and innovation.'"

Conference Chairman,
Productivity Center

References are available upon request.

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